Our housekeeping team believe that clean and orderly environment contribute immensely to quality life and performance; they are therefore passionate about their housekeeping duties to achieve this result.

They pay attention to detail, follow strict hygienic and safety procedures to prevent contamination and cross contamination. They receive continuous training on the content and use of the chemicals and materials they apply. We use colour coded materials to clearly differentiate their uses.

We all feel comfortable in a clean and tidy environment; that is exactly what Milstreet Housekeeping team aims to achieve at all times. Our professionalism is displayed in the manner in which we clean, tidy up and maintain areas such as;

  • Bed room  
  • Lobby  
  • Function rooms (conference room, social halls, etc.)   
  • Offices   
  • Hallways
  • Reception Areas   
  • Stairways  
  • Linen and Laundry Areas  
  • Other Public Areas


We engage professional pest control outfits to regularly fumigate areas in which we operate. However, our team apply preventive and control measures on daily bases aimed at pest control.


Our laundry team are equally up to the task; they make sure that all items from their office meet or exceed clients’ expectation. All items for laundry are carefully sorted out, inspected prior to going through the process. Washing and ironing regulations per labelling on various items are strictly followed. Our laundered items have the eye appeal and smell fresh.
We are particular about the tools and equipment used and ensure their regular maintenance. We source cleaning materials from the right manufactures and follow instructions on their usage to achieve the very best.

Our clients feel confident and appear good in their clothes at all times; be it works wear or personal belonging.

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