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Special Diet
This is our flagship program with a target to provide special diet and diet therapy for optimum health and quality lifestyle of executives and leaders in society.
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Offshore Catering
Milstreet Catering provides quality catering and hospitality services for remote and offshore areas such as rigs, vessel etc. The quality of food ...
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Onshore Catering
Our onshore service offers food range for remote sites, corporate organisation, construction sites, events, contract catering, and private dining solutions...
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Our housekeeping team believe that clean and orderly environment contribute immensely to quality life and performance; they are ...
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Fresh meat supply
Meat is the flesh of edible animals such as cattle, sheep, goat, etc. used in the preparation of food. It makes up a considerable portion of a typical diet...
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Related Services
The attention to detail and processes we apply in our daily operations gives comfort in our ability to handle other hospitality related services successfully...
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