Offshore Catering

Milstreet Catering provides quality catering and hospitality services for remote and offshore areas such as rigs, vessel etc. The quality of food preparation is often comparable to the food served in first class hotels and restaurants; our foods are nutritious and tasty, prepared under strict hygienic and safety guidelines.

Looking forward to a good meal goes a long way in maintaining job satisfaction and keeping morale high among crew who are away from the comfort of their homes. A hot meal, a clean bed, clean environs, neatly laundered clothes and quality recreation is essential to provide comfort for crew on board.

Our team recognising that customer service is vital and therapeutic to the crew offshore, go all length to provide the very best to keep the entire offshore team happy and healthy. This assists in creating a very conducive atmosphere on board for optimum performance. Our team, also away from home are delighted to satisfy the crew on board with varied taste buds and nutritional needs.

We understand the work so well that we place premium value on teamwork; the collaboration between our offshore and onshore teams is well woven to ensure great success in our operations. We believe that every team member is important for successful operation; this boasts morale and contributes to job satisfaction.

Our carefully selected, talented and experienced team have deeper understanding of their working environment; they strictly adhere to all rules and regulations relating to their work for safe and productive output. We are passionate about the food we serve; we carefully consider and select food brands that are quality, healthy and meet or exceed our cherished clients’ expectations.

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