Get To Know Us

Milstreet Energy was established in June 2014. The desire to impact the life of Individuals and the Corporate World through the provision of quality life services gave birth to Milstreet Catering in January 2018. Recognising the importance of the level of experience required to achieve success in this Industry, we recruited exceptional, experienced and exemplary performers in the industry so the fear of lack of experience to execute any contract successfully would be laid to rest.


We will be the number one point or reference in quality life services in West Africa and beyond.


We will use our exceptional experience to provide quality nutrient dense food and other life services to inspire healthy and productive life.


Who we are

Milstreet Catering is a division of Milstreet Energy with a physical address at No. 3 Potato Avenue, East Legon, Accra- Ghana. The physical address of our Special Diet and Meat production units is H/No. BAE 28/9 Baatsona and H/No. BAE 28/10 Baatsona.

Milstreet has boldly entered the race to prove that it is possible to employ the right concepts and principles in this industry to achieve client and employee satisfaction and delight. We will design and execute our contracts to inspire healthy and productive life and place premium on our services knowing the ripple effect.

We have created the right environment and systems to ensure that we achieve our vision as specified, in the shortest possible time to the admiration of our stakeholders.


With Milstreet at the helm of your catering, hospitality and other related services, consider the job done and concentrate on your core business to achieve success and growth.

We take delight in success, growth and development and the ability to positively impact our communities.

We are here to serve.

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