The owners and directors of Milstreet Catering are committed to providing a high standard of health, safety and welfare for the employees and all those who are affected by our activities. We are committed to the reduction of accidents, incidents, ill health and other unnecessary losses. Our ultimate goal is to operate accident and incident free.

The Managing Director of Milstreet has the primary responsibilities and accountabilities of implementing, monitoring, reviewing and effectively managing the Company’s health, safety and environment management systems.

Managing health, safety and environment is an integral function of management and as such receives priority in achieving the employer’s objectives. It is the responsibility of line and specialist management to implement and monitor the system on a day to day basis.

Proactive strategies, particularly risk assessments are critical in the planning, organising, implementation, monitoring and reviewing of our policy.
Monitoring and auditing serve to measure our performance and allow for continuous improvement.
All staff members will receive the requisite training, information, instruction and supervision in order to maintain competence and work in a safe manner

Continuous Consultation and effective communication are necessary to achieve the company’s goals in health, safety and environment.
The appropriate financial arrangements shall be in place by the company directors to address the requisite health and safety needs in accordance with what is reasonably practicable.

All employees have a duty to work in a safe manner and in accordance with company arrangements. They are to co-operate with management, report any deficiencies, carry out the work they are trained to do and use any equipment including personal protective equipment that may be provided by management for safe working practices.

The entire workforce of Milstreet will be informed of this policy for full compliance.

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